About Me

My name is Gary Myers, and I am a proud Oracle developer.

I have lived in Sydney since the late '90s. Since that time I have worked for consultancy firms and as an independent contractor, exercising my database skills for several government and commercial concerns.

I firmly believe that knowledge should be shared and not hoarded. I have been an active blogger for over five years, spreading knowledge (and some opinions) out into the wider community.

I am on the committee of the Sydney Oracle Meetup group, and have given several presentations to interested audiences, publicly through the meetup and privately through my consultancy employment.

I contribute to the StackOverflow community, and hold the gold "oracle" badge for answers in that tag. I also hold badges for the less active plsql tag and less specialised database and sql tags.

I also test my knowledge against other PL/SQL developers worldwide by competing in Steven Feuerstein's PL/SQL Challenge, with my best achievement being second place in the Q4 2010 playoff.

I am an editor for the blekko.com /oracledb tag.