Sydney Oracle Database Consultancy

I have been developing on the Oracle Database platform for over fifteen years, and found it to be a powerful and flexible tool. From heavy data processing jobs to meet the demanding needs of ETL and Data Warehousing, to Agile development of Web applications with the Apex framework, the database is there to support every aspect of your business.

Oracle is one of the world's major software companies, and is continually stretching the database to new frontiers. The Exadata machines are there to bear the heaviest of enterprise workloads, while the Standard, Personal and free Express Editions provide surprising value at the lower end of the scale. As well as the premium Oracle RDBMS, its takeover of Sun has given it the MySQL database, and its stable also includes the BerkelyDB embedded database. 

Skills and experience are vital to bring the most out of any tool and Oracle is no different. DBAs are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your database software is installed and configured to provide appropriate safeguards in the event of failures. Architecture and design skills make sure that the application makes the most of available hardware resources. Development is all about enabling the business to get one with the business, unhampered by unnecessary restrictions from inflexible software.

In recent years the tide has turned against large scale waterfall development. Agile is the new benchmark. Fast development with a focus on quick deliverable. Oracle's Application Express (Apex) allow for rapid application development in a 'One Box' structure without the complexity of layers of application servers and unwieldy frameworks.